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SAMSUNG Galaxy M34 5G without charger (Midnight Blue, 128 GB) (6 GB RAM)

SAMSUNG Galaxy M34 5G without charger (Midnight Blue, 128 GB) (6 GB RAM)

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  • 6 GB RAM | 128 GB ROM
  • 16.51 cm (6.5 inch) Display
  • 50MP Rear Camera
  • 6000 mAh Battery
  • Introducing the SAMSUNG Galaxy M34 5G without charger in the sleek Midnight Blue variant—a smartphone designed to elevate your mobile experience. Here's an in-depth overview of the remarkable features of the Galaxy M34 5G:

    **High-Performance Hardware:**
    Experience seamless multitasking and efficient app performance with the Galaxy M34 5G's powerful hardware. With 6 GB of RAM and a generous 128 GB internal storage, this smartphone provides ample space for your apps, files, and media.

    **Immersive 6.5-Inch Display:**
    Enjoy a visually stunning and immersive experience on the 16.51 cm (6.5 inch) display. Whether you're watching videos, gaming, or browsing your favorite apps, the Galaxy M34 5G's vibrant display with vivid colors and sharp details ensures an enjoyable and engaging visual experience.

    **Capture Every Detail with 50MP Rear Camera:**
    Unleash your photography skills with the Galaxy M34 5G's impressive 50MP Rear Camera. From scenic landscapes to detailed close-ups, this camera system is designed to deliver exceptional image quality, allowing you to capture and preserve your memorable moments with clarity and precision.

    **Long-Lasting 6000 mAh Battery:**
    Stay connected and productive throughout your day with the Galaxy M34 5G's robust 6000 mAh battery. Whether you're working, streaming content, or playing games, the long-lasting battery life ensures that you can do more without frequently worrying about recharging.

    **Charger-Free Convenience:**
    As a sustainable choice, the Galaxy M34 5G is provided without a charger. With the widespread use of USB-C chargers, Samsung offers users the flexibility to use an existing charger, contributing to efforts to reduce electronic waste.

    **Elegant Midnight Blue Design:**
    Make a style statement with the Galaxy M34 5G's sophisticated Midnight Blue design. The sleek and elegant finish adds a touch of class to your device, making it stand out in any setting.

    **Future-Ready 5G Connectivity:**
    Experience the speed and efficiency of 5G connectivity, ensuring faster download and upload speeds, low latency, and a seamless online experience. The Galaxy M34 5G is designed to keep you connected in the era of advanced mobile connectivity.

    **Samsung Quality and Reliability:**
    Built on Samsung's legacy of quality and reliability, the Galaxy M34 5G is a device you can trust. Enjoy the durability, cutting-edge technology, and innovation that come with a Samsung smartphone.

    In summary, the SAMSUNG Galaxy M34 5G without charger (Midnight Blue, 128 GB, 6 GB RAM) is a smartphone that combines powerful performance, an impressive camera system, and a stylish design. With a focus on sustainability and advanced connectivity, it caters to users seeking a premium and future-ready mobile experience. Elevate your smartphone journey with the Galaxy M34 5G.
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